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The Weekly Challenge, 17th August 2020 – Sanctuary Sketches

Full challenge: https://dothinkshare.com/the-weekly-challenge/the-weekly-challenge-17th-august-2020-sanctuary-sketches/

This week’s Challenge is set by It’s Not Your Birthday But…, champions of the lost art of letter writing, who connect people through letters, words and visual arts. They work in community settings such as schools, prisons, care homes, hospices and hospitals to encourage people to explore their own creativity, challenge assumptions that may be made about them and to share what’s important or helpful to them.
This challenge is part of their Lost Letters project with Surrey History Centre, and inspired by the lost letters that describe in detail The Holloway Sanatorium. In the description of the word ‘Sanatorium’ it says ‘a place of extended rest’…

Get creative to share your ‘Sanctuary’, and what it means to you. Where do you think of when you hear the words ‘a place of extended rest’? Reflect on a space where you feel safe and happy, calm or at peace. It might be a place that you’ve spent extended amounts of time in during lockdown, or it might be somewhere completely different.
Recreate your sanctuary – it might be your bedroom, garden, park, desk..it might be in a place where you enjoy a hobby like reading or cooking! You could sketch out your sanctuary, and add on the words to help you explain it, or you might like to take a short video or voice note to share. It’s up to you! Get creative with your sanctuary sketch…
You can read more about this challenge here.
Have fun! Let’s get creative.

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