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The Weekly Challenge, 3rd August 2020 – My Secret Garden

Full challenge: https://mailchi.mp/64millionartists.com/the-weekly-challenge-3rd-august-2020

What does the word ‘nature’ make you think about, or remember? Our experience of the great outdoors has had to shift over the last few months. This week’s creative idea from Challenger Waheeda Hales, is to capture your favourite outdoor space and bring to life the memories and associations you have there.

Choose an outside space that you enjoy being in or that reminds you of happy memories. It might be your garden, a local park, a street, square or playground. Find a way to celebrate or capture that space – you might describe it in a poem, find old photographs, or take new ones. You might draw or collage your space – or you might even recreate it in a tiny version (search dish gardens and mini gardens for inspiration!) Why is this place important to you?

If you can’t think of anywhere in particular – have a go at dreaming up your perfect garden or outdoor space. What does it feel like to be there? What details make it special?

(P.S. Anyone and everyone can set a challenge! Waheeda is a 64 Million Artists’ Challenger, and you can set one, too – pop your ideas in here.)

Have fun and get creative!