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The Weekly Challenge – 1st June 2020!

We’ve created our way through May, and now The Weekly Challenge is back! Sign up to receive the emails at dothinkshare.com/sign-up.

@degeneratefoxUK are a London based theatre company who do things quickly! ‘The Dirty Thirty’ is a collection of thirty original plays which they perform in an hour – and this week’s challenge is your chance to learn about, and practice their speedy style. Starting today, they are releasing a playwriting activity every day for 7 days. The programme will offer you the tools and ideas to create in a new way, and will leave you with a number of original 2-minute plays after 7 days! You can sign up for more, more, more here: https://degeneratefox.co.uk/

Create your own two minute play. Be playful with your play – you can use whichever setting or inspiration you like. Degenerate Fox use certain ingredients to help them start their plays. Could you start with gesture or shape? Could you write a list of the things that you can see, and include all of the words in your play? Think of a new way you might move through a room. What is it like to move like that? Have fun with it and see what happens. Perhaps you could even write your play in just two minutes…!

Have fun! You’ve got all week – have fun!