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Create to Connect – Day 21!

The challenge today comes from the National Justice Museum (https://www.nationaljusticemuseum.org.uk/), based in Nottingham’s old Shire Hall and County Gaol. They work with people outside the museum to shape and inform what happens inside the museum; to share the collection, to connect, include and represent people from all backgrounds. One of the museum’s artefacts is a detailed self portrait sculpted from a bar of soap, made by somebody living in prison (picture below.) To the museum, this carving symbolises ingenuity and the power of creativity.

Can you carve, sculpt or make a self portrait out of something you have to hand? It could be soap, newspaper, bread, masking tape, playdough, whatever you can find, and whatever inspires you. Share your portraits using the tag #IngenuityPortrait and the National Justice Museum will share them in their project space as part of an exhibition in 2021.

If you have more time …
The soap portrait from the museum has the letters ‘BAD’ carved into the back of it. Can you write or imprint your initials, a secret message, or a title on part of your portrait?

Full challenge: https://mailchi.mp/64millionartists/create-to-connect-21st-may-2020-day-21
Let’s #CreateToConnect