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Create to Connect – Day 20!

Kristina Veasey (http://www.kristinaveasey.com/) is a visual artist who likes to flip negatives into positives, and find beauty in the mundane. Today’s challenge is inspired by Kristina’s installation exploring housework, where she uses repeating images of mess and dirt to print vibrant patterns on wallpaper and furniture (see the wallpaper below in Kristina’s video instructions below!)

Take a photograph of something in your home from a new angle. Make your mess beautiful! Zoom in close, or find a perspective that makes it look abstract or different. Can you get a closer view of the cobwebs on the skirting? Or see the patterns made by the dishes in the sink? Take notice of your surroundings and find the beauty in the mess…
Full challenge: https://mailchi.mp/64millionartists/create-to-connect-20th-may-2020-day-20

Let’s #CreateToConnect!
Image ALT text – Orange Juice: A patch of mould floats on a glass of orange juice.