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Create to Connect – Day 17!
Young Norfolk Arts Trust provides opportunities for children and young people to create and engage with creativity and culture across Norfolk. Their work is all about collaboration and now more than ever they want to create opportunities to connect and work together. This challenge is to get creative in with someone else – either with someone in your household, or virtually with somebody else.

Start to create something, and ask somebody else to finish it – online or in your home. Together, you are going to create something new. You could make a poem or story by writing one line each, you could make a random squiggle and ask them to turn it into something, or you could even ask them to edit your photograph. You might like to choose a them for a drawing (it could a view, a person, an object) and draw half each. If you’re doing this virtually you could pick a theme, each draw half an image, then take photos and put them side by side. How will you get creative in collaboration…?

Let’s #CreateToConnect!

Full challenge: https://mailchi.mp/64millionartists/create-to-connect-17th-may-2020-day-17