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Create to Connect – Day 12!

Today, there is a special opportunity to share your responses with other Challengers and the team at Contact and 64 Million Artists! See below for all the details.

Today’s challenge is set by a young artist at Contact, a theatre and arts venue in Manchester that place young people at the decision-making heart of everything. For the last 7 weeks they’ve commissioned young artists to invite people to ‘Take Notice,’ and spend a little bit of time each day creatively taking notice of what we’re living through, and reflecting on how you are feeling. This challenge is set by a young artist at Contact called Adam Ali.

Take notice of the hidden histories and heroes around you. Who are the people around you who you think should be celebrated – for what they are doing now, or for something they did in the past? Choose someone from your community, your family or from history…and then celebrate them! Tell their story to someone else you know, write them a poem, draw their picture or throw them a (virtual) party.

Join us on Zoom this afternoon to celebrate your hero and share their stories! The team at Contact, Adam Ali and 64 Million Artists will be there to share their stories, and listen to yours. You can share however you like – with pictures and memories, showing us your drawing or telling us your poem – anything goes! You don’t have to share, you can simply listen in. No need to sign up, just copy and paste the link below and join us at 4pm today, 12th May. We look forward to seeing you later on!
Meeting ID: 932 4637 3258

Let’s #CreateToConnect