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Create to Connect – Day 10!

Mafwa Theatre is a community theatre organisation working with refugees, asylum seekers and low-income communities in Leeds. Inspired by their most recent project ‘Cooking with Parveen’, this challenge is to make a song about food. Essential ingredients are a pen and paper, and your voice – loud and proud!

Think about your favourite food. Write a short line about it. Use this to start writing a call and response song about food, in any language. Here’s an example:
Call: I said yum chicken-yum!
Response: yum chicken-yum
Call: I said yummy-chicken-spicy-chicken-spicy-chicken-yum!
Response: yummy-chicken-spicy-chicken-spicy-chicken-yum!
Your song should have at least 10 lines. Add a tune. You could use the tune of a song you already know. If you live with other people, teach the song to them. Have fun!

Full challenge: https://mailchi.mp/64millionartists/create-to-connect-10th-may-2020-day-10

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