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Create to Connect – Day 9!

Today’s challenge is from Ignite Imaginations (https://www.igniteimaginations.org.uk), an arts charity based in South Yorkshire who work with people of all ages to celebrate and connect communities through art and creativity. This activity is designed by Ignite Imagination’s artist, Laura Page – (https://twitter.com/LauraPagePhoto)

Make your own wild character from things you can find around your house or in the garden…think snowman but with no snow! Is your wild character green and leafy, beady-eyed or colourful with blossom petals? Perhaps they’re tall with tins, or long with loo roll?
If you have more time …
Place your wild character in different scenarios in your area. Can you make a big picture of something out of random materials to fill a floor or a window in your house?

Have fun! Let’s #CreateToConnect