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Create To Connect – Day 1, March 23rd 2020.

Welcome to day 1 of #CreateToConnect! Two weeks of mini creative challenges to keep us doing, thinking and sharing at home. Share your work on social media using #CreateToConnect, in Whatsapp groups, with your colleagues, friends, family, neighbours – or simply keep your own creativity journal. People take part in challenges in all sorts of ways, and everyone is doing it right. Let’s go!

Create a companion. Use the things around you to build, craft, draw or design your ideal creative companion. What do they look like? What makes your companion great? Who or what are they inspired by, and how might they get creative with you over the next two weeks?

If you have more time …
Can you find a way to create a companion that moves? It might be made of loo roll tubes, post-its, blue tack or toothpicks – can you puppeteer your new pal?

Find the full challenge here: https://dothinkshare.com/create-to-connect/createtoconnect-march-23rd-day-1/

Have fun, and get creative!