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The Weekly Challenge, 16th March 2020: Activision: A Banner for the Future

“A manifesto is a declaration of your beliefs and vision, that states a group’s aims and intentions.”

This week’s challenge is set by Eastside (https://www.eastside.org.uk). Eastside works towards a future in which all children and young people’s creativity is unlocked, nurtured and celebrated. What does your vision for the future look like? It’s over to you…

Create a manifesto for a future world, and present this in the form of a banner, protest sign or poster. Think about the kind of language and slogans you see on activist banners. What kind of words have the greatest impact? How can you visually represent your ideas and visions? Get creative! You could craft, photograph or sketch your ideas to life….

Find the full challenge: https://dothinkshare.com/the-weekly-challenge/the-weekly-challenge-16th-march-2020-activision-a-banner-for-the-future/

Have fun and get creative!
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