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The Weekly Challenge, 2nd March 2020 – Places and Spaces

Canoe Lake Leisure is a community based tennis organisation in Southsea. They are about to start redecorating their cafe area, and are looking for fun ideas for a ceiling art installation. They are developing the site as a centre to support emerging artists and to display their artworks, and the ceiling art installation in the café is a key step in this plan.

They are inviting proposals for a visually striking ceiling art installation in their café – and you can find all the details here: https://dothinkshare.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/CLL-Cafe-ceiling-Art-25022020.pdf
The competition is open to anybody and everybody. Let us know if you choose to apply!

This week’s challenge, inspired by their exciting plans – is to have a go at designing an installation or sculpture for a public space.You might choose somewhere in your local area – your high street, library, school – or you might choose somewhere that you’ve never been before. Your design could be anything as big as ‘Hope’, the blue whale at the Natural History Museum, or as small as a balloon model of a dog! Where would you put your installation? What is it made of? What does it make people think about, or feel?
You could sketch your design, make a mini model using the things around you, or describe it with words and photographs.

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Have fun and get creative!