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The January Challenge 2020, Day 27 – Move-It Monday

Today’s challenge is set by DanceWest, the community dance organisation for West London. Move-It Mondays is an inclusive dance class programme co-produced by DanceWest and Action on Disability for dancers 7-26 years.

It’s Monday morning, time to shake off the weekend and step into a new week.

Pick a song and move to your beat! Everyone is a dancer today, and in the words of DanceWest – ‘Dance like no-one is watching, dance like everyone’s watching!’ Dance in your bedroom, with your friends, your family, at work, on the bus, in your chair – dance to your favourite song, or groove through the day…

Find a way to share your experience with pictures, video or words!

Full challenge: https://dothinkshare.com/the-january-challenge-2020/the-january-challenge-2020-day-27-move-it-monday/

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