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The January Challenge 2020, Day 21 – Your Song
Today’s challenge is set by Jeremy, 62, from Kent.

In today’s challenge you’re the world’s greatest songwriter and we want to hear your next hit!

Imagine you’re the greatest songwriter in the world. Write the first line of your next big hit. It could be a line from a verse or the chorus. Who would you dedicate your song to?

(P.S No pressure – Bob The Builder’s ‘Can We Fix It?’ was the UK’s best selling single of 2000…)
“A rustle through the grass and I know you are near; drenched in a bath of stars.”
Jeremy’s song lyric, dedicated to his children.

Full challenge: https://dothinkshare.com/the-january-challenge-2020/the-january-challenge-2020-day-21-your-song/

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