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Weekly Challenge, 26th February – 64 Million Masks

This week’s challenge is set by Kostas Ntanos, the designer behind the brilliant papercraft shop Ntanos.

Kostas, after many years of what he calls ‘rather reclusive artistic expression’, started making masks. He made the first one for himself, to wear at a party, because he couldn’t find any that he liked. He quickly realised how satisfying it was to take his creations outside, not only enjoy making them, but also have fun with them. He started Ntanos to allow other people to have fun with them too!

So… with this in mind Kostas is asking YOU to make a mask this week. Masquerade? Carnival? Real or imaginary creatures or characters? Let your imagination run wild.

And especially for us, Kostas has created a bespoke easy and free to download mask for you to make! It can be used as a base to stick things on, decorate, paint or expand. You can find here: https://ntanos.co.uk/products/64millionmasks

If you have more time …
Why don’t you try make a mask for someone else? Maybe you can make for a family member or a friend. What would they like to wear? You could even make their alter ego mask or the animal you think they’d be.

How quickly did your mask idea come to you? Did you consider for a while or jump straight in? Did you wear it out of the house? How did that make you feel?

Show us your masks! We’d love to see your own and/or your decorated template. You can tag #64MillionArtists & #KNtanos and share with us and Kostas.