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We brightened up this week, exploring our feelings and senses through colour 🎨 in #TheWeeklyChallenge with #CALMArtCollective @calmzone

πŸ’š Slide 1: A journey through colour in paint and poetry from Hilary Milner –
β€œI wake up to a glorious deep pink
It gives me time to reflect and think
Then there’s a touch of lime green
Gets me up and makes me beam
Throughout the day, a shade of purple haze
Makes me dance and then softly gaze
As I end the day with shades of blue
A cup of tea and a chat with you.”

πŸ’› Slide 2: β€˜Lemon Cups and Limes’ from Michael Hamilton – A kitchen arrangement of warm and cold
feeling yellows.

πŸ’œ Slide 3: Red onions giving us vibrant energy in this complementary composition from Paul Harris

#Sense #Colour