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#TheWeeklyChallenge with #CALMArtCollective ⠀

This week we take a trip to the museum…of us! ⠀

What are the objects and artefacts that you would find in a museum about you? What are the moments and stories those things capture? How might those objects, memories and experiences connect to another person’s story? ⠀

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Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) are leading a movement against suicide, and for anyone struggling with their mental health. You can talk to CALM about anything. Follow @calmzone and head to their Link in Bio to find out more or visit:⠀

#64MillionArtists #TheWeeklyChallenge #CALMArtCollective ⠀
[Image Description: A dark blue graphic that reads: ‘The Weekly Challenge, 24th May 2021, The Museum of Us – Collect the objects or things around you that help to capture you as a person. You could choose anything from your go-to tea bag, to an old photograph, to your favourite book. Perhaps they are everyday, ordinary things – or perhaps they tell extraordinary stories. What do they mean to you?⠀
Arrange your objects into a display. Capture your display in photographs, words, or in a sketch.]