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This week’s weekly challenge: Silver Linings ✨

It can be really difficult to find those when you’re struggling or in a negative mindset (no matter how grateful you are for what you have!) but I think I’ve slowly learnt a lot about myself this past year, and I’ve found a lot of things helpful ❤️

Being creative, journaling, thinking about what truly matters to me, and being honest with the people around me has really lifted a lot for me.

One of my favourite creative endeavours has been learning to punch needle I attempted a pair of earrings (slide 2) but accidentally made them different sizes ❤️

[ID: slide one shows a pyramid of colourful balls of yarn/ wool, all stacked up on top of each other, with a punch needle hoop and needle in front. Slide two shows a pair of red, circular punch needle earrings, on top of a pink journal.)

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