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The Weekly Challenge – Nature is a Human Right?

I am lucky enough to have a garden that has become very precious to me over the last 12 months.  But once upon a time I lived in one of those grey places where greenery was hard to find.  There was a small strip of rough ground outside my flat so I planted it with dahlias – they looked glorious!  The day after they fully flowered two little boys from down the road destroyed them.  These were neglected, badly treated children, who had such unimaginably sad lives that they knew no other way to deal with something so colourful and cheerful, something way beyond their experience.  While everyone deserves access to green space, not everyone has to capacity to respond well to it.  So rather than cheerful photos of my garden growing and flowering I went for a walk in a nearby grey area and took photos of the sort of greenery I and those boys lived with.