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Oops I took this picture ages ago and forgot to post it. A while back I asked for suggestion of books by authors of colour that I should read, inspired by one of the #64MillionArtists #TheWeeklyChallenge, and of course this resulted in me buying even more books. This is what I ended up with. Going to take a while for me to get through these as I am a slow reader with a massive reading list (I can’t help but adopt pre-owned books ) but I’m looking forward to them. Where do you think I should start?

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[Image description: A photograph of four books piled up on grey cushions. The book at the top of the pile is The Color Purple by Alice Walker, the next book down is I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai, the third book down is Mrs Death Misses Death by Selena Godden, and the book at the bottom of the pile is Who Am I Again by Lenny Henry]