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⭐️ #TheWeeklyChallenge ⭐️

This week Angela from Peterborough invites us to symbolise our hope! How are you feeling hopeful and how might you inspire others to feel the same?

“I think our stories and experiences have the power to help others and make a difference. I think now more than ever people need HOPE, SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT. I want to encourage people to share their pictures and stories as part of a bigger project idea which I hope will have a ripple effect.”

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THE WEEKLY CHALLENGE, 12th April 2021, SOMETIMES HOPE LOOKS LIKE… Make something that symbolises HOPE. It could be drawing, collage, a photograph or even a story! Hope can look like lots of different things to different people; for some can be current feeling change being made, whilst for others it could be future aspiration. What gives you hope? Or what are you feeling hopeful for? Create something to celebrate that hope and inspire others! Challenge from: Angela Tee]