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Feel like shaking off that mid week hump? Get your dancing shoes on with #TheWeeklyChallenge from @_back2basix_!


Play some music to get you moving.

✨Visualise a word of your choice in big bold letters in front of you, and aim to draw it with a part of your body (watch this in action above!).

✏️Or you could illustrate your word, experimenting with any materials you have around you, and see what shapes and patterns you create in response to the music.

“Our drive is to inspire play and awaken thought and reflection, and create work that stems from knowing there are endless possibilities”

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[Media Description: 0:00​ The caption reads ‘Word: Dance, Body Part: Back’. A dancer responds to those words together to create a sequence of movement.
0:22​ The caption reads ‘Word: Water, Body Part: Knee (travelling in a circle). A dancer responds to these words together in a sequence of movements.
Throughout the video, the dancer is wearing a black t-shirt, trousers and trainers, dancing in a studio that is painted white with large windows at the rear of the room.]