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The Creative Weekly Challenge Week 9:
Time to uplift and embrace. Finish the sentence Yes I am…….

Yes, I am HAPPY!
Yes, I am worthy.
Yes, I am human.
Yes, I am a woman.
Yes, I am motivated.
Yes, I am powerful.
Yes, I am observant.
Yes, I am a gas bitch!

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about being happy and saying it out loud. This is the first time I have fully embraced the feeling of happjness and fucking owning it! I think the key to this feeling of nourishment is that I have been carving out fragments of time to really focus inwards. I’m self actualising, wow, who’d of thought?!

Lift your hearts to the sun people!

Keeping it simple this week with an image of my doodles and cuttings from the week.