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Day 12: Hidden Heroes

This challenge was making me quite emotional, and I thought long and hard about all the heroes I’ve read about and seen throughout this crisis. As someone whose only real contribution has been to ‘dae as Ah’m tellt’ and stay at home, I’m in awe of those who are actively contributing, at great personal expense, and couldn’t single anyone out. So I took a different direction. I’m not alone in anticipating the daily Scottish Government updates as voiced-over by Janey Godley. For anyone who isn’t familiar, this is snorting, laugh out loud, clever stuff by a comedian who is a strong and truthful woman. She gets a lot of online misogynistic grief, and she must be exhausted sustaining all this, but she’s keeping a lot of people sane and making them laugh in awful circumstances. Gaun yersel’ Janey hen, canny wait till you an a’ the Sandras are back doon at the caravan after this is over!