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Today’s challenge from @adamsincerely @contactmcr is to celebrate your heroes. Love this sketch of #EdithNew, a suffragette who lived locally to @ohsoboho_pearls!
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Day 12 of the challenges

I chose Edith New, a suffragette whos place of birth is in my neighbourhood. I pass by the blue plaque marking her former home most days. It’s even a Poke Stop in Pokemon Go!
I did a quick sketch of a photo I found online of her.
I applaud these women who paved the way for women’s rights. Its so easy to forget sometimes what these ladies had to endure. A local hidden hero who I kept meaning to learn about since moving here 3 years ago and thanks to today’s challenge I finally did. ​Edith Bessie New (17 March 1877 – 2 January 1951) was an English suffragette. She was one of the first two suffragettes to use vandalism as a tactic. “Edith New, a school teacher born in Swindon, who became an activist for the WSPU. Edith chained herself to the railings at 10 Downing Street in Jan 1908, the first time that tactic had been employed by a suffragette. She resigned from teaching and devoted herself full time to the cause, ending up imprisoned and on hunger strike for her beliefs. It is perhaps no surprise that Edith came from Swindon as this town held important meetings about women’s suffrage at the Mechanics’ Institute in March 1875 and again in 1882, featuring speakers from the Bristol Society.” #createtoconnect #64millionartists #hiddenheroes #EdithNew #womenssuffrage
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