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❤️ love this response to today’s hidden heroes challenge – cheers to #internationalnursesday!
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Posted @withregram • @agneseryefield She is an operating room nurse. She is attentive, compassionate to the patient’s needs. She must be empathetic. She must overcome fear and must be a hero. Hugs and kisses on International Nurses Day! #SuperSintija ❤

Create to Connect – Day 12!
Take notice of the hidden histories and heroes around you. Who are the people around you who you think should be celebrated – for what they are doing now, or for something they did in the past? Choose someone from your community, your family or from history…and then celebrate them! Tell their story to someone else you know, write them a poem, draw their picture or throw them a (virtual) party.

Let’s #CreateToConnect #64millionartists