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Day 5! (Already?!)

@Liz_Atkin is an artist and mental health advocate based in London. She has Compulsive Skin Picking, a complex physical and mental disorder, but she reimagines the body-focused repetitive behaviour and anxiety into drawings and photographs. Liz raises awareness for Compulsive Skin Picking, and has given away more than 18,000 free #CompulsiveCharcoal newspaper drawings to commuters on public transport around the world. Liz has started focusing on tiny texture details on her daily exercise walk to keep present, grounded and in the moment.

Become a #TextureHunterGatherer wherever you are. Notice tiny texture details by seeing or feeling them, and capture them however you like – in a photograph, quick sketch or in writing. Can you find interesting textures in nature or in your home? What can you see or feel in your food, clothes, wallpaper…? #LookUp #Refocus #LizAtkin #CreateToConnect #64MillionArtists