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Day 7! Today’s challenge is from @companythree. Company Three believe that teenagers should be better understood, listened to and celebrated, and make plays that help young people tell their own stories and make their own change. The Coronavirus Time Capsule is a new project that they are sharing with groups of young people around the world, and you can check it out at – Today’s challenge asks who are you, right this second?

Make a video, or a series of photos, or drawings to capture yourself in time, right now. You could include:

Your name
Your exact age (to the second!)
Your hair (colour, length, style)
The amount of time you’ve spent in lockdown
Your primary lockdown habitat, diet, sleeping habits and any skills you’ve acquired… Keep your time capsule safe – can you make a reminder to look at it in a month, a year, in 10 years…? Have fun, let’s get creative!

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