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The Weekly Challenge, 27th April – Heart to Heart
You may have seen some #HeartsForMyHospice popping up in your local community. These hearts are one way people are sending love to their families and friends during lockdown. The idea came from a lady called Bev, who volunteers for her local Hospice, Hospice in the Weald ( Bev made a heart for each of her daughters, which are hanging in her window for now, but as soon as she can see her two girls, Bev plans to give them the hearts to keep!

Heart to heart conversations have helped Bev feel less alone. This week, Hospice in the Weald are inviting you to share a heart to send love down your street, across town, or across an ocean, and into the hearts of those we are missing and those facing terminal illness.

1) Make a heart
Make a heart any way you like. You could knit, paint, draw, colour, crochet or fold an origami heart, make a daisy chain heart or even bake some heart shaped biscuits. It’s completely up to you!

2) Share a heart
Hang your heart in your window for the world to see. You could share a picture online using #HeartsForMyHospice – and you could even nominate your friends and family to do the same.

3) Touch a heart
If you able to and would like to, you could donate £5 to help patients and those important to them get the Hospice care they need. Find details on how to do this here:
Have fun and get creative! Tag us and tag a friend to join you. Let’s have a heart to heart <3 #createtoconnect #64millionartists