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Day 1 of #theweeklychallenge
I was given this little teacup (maybe it’s for espresso) for my 50th birthday by my friend @alisonberrettartist. I wrote a moem for her which she’s said I can share.. Alison Ruth

I’ve a lovely friend called Alison Ruth
Her favourite things are beauty and truth
She’s very good at painting too
Her favourite colour is turquoise blue
I love the way she makes me laugh
And helps the darkest moments pass
I’ve know her over 30 years
We’ve shared our joys and trials and tears
She’s always been a friend to me
With her I’m always totally free
To share when I’m not feeling fine
I know my texts take so much time
To read because I’m quite verbose
But then again she swears the most
She’s patient kind and a lover of fun
But honest when she’s feeling glum
There’s so much more that I could say
I’ll save it for another day

Tracey Elizabeth Downing