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Day 12 of #CreateToConnect
Fancy Pants Friday
This one had nothing to do with art, but it was so much I just had to post a couple pictures. I did include a picture I drew a while ago that seemed to fit today. •
Being stuck in my house all day can be great especially because I can wear shorts and old t-shirts all day, but today was all about putting on fancy clothes. •
I had my daytime dress (second picture) which had pockets!!! I put on some makeup and left my hair down. It made even the little things like a chemistry test feel special. Then I had my evening dress. At first I felt silly walking around my house in a full length dress and a full face of makeup, but it was also a lot of fun. I would 100% recommend taking a day to dress fancy to do simple tasks.

If dressing up is something that makes you happy, then don’t let quarantine stop you from putting on that makeup, or dress, or whatever a guys equivalent is. It honestly makes the most simple and bothersome tasks special and unique.