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Posted @withregram • @your_spaceleeds Anne’s been participating in @64millionartists #CreateToConnect challenge – here’s their attempt at Day 11 – collecting things from around the house that are the same colour. Have you had a go? It’s a fun and easy way to be creative on the day-to-day, and you don’t need to have lots of craft supplies to join in! Their Facebook group has lots of great examples of people’s responses, and Anne’s been hosting daily hangouts to discuss the challenge and check in with people. Check out our Facebook events listing for more info (link in bio)⠀
Image description: a photo displaying a number of orange objects, including pens, an eye cup shaped like a dinosaur, a ladle, easy peel oranges and wind-up toys. The photo is framed by orange geometrical pattern. The caption reads “hashtag create to connect, day eleven”.⠀
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