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Day 8 of #CreateToConnect
50 Words
What story, emotion, or point can you make in only 50 words? I played around with varying levels of bitter sweet in 50 word increments for a total of 150 words.

I am super thankful for @64millionartists for the creative prompts everyday and I tried to express that in the first little story. It is so much fun to have a prompt everyday to find a little way to be creative. I also love being able to see what other people have thought of from the same prompt.

The last one is supposed to be a little more silly. There have been so many times when I would have given anything to know what others thought about me. In the end, I have never asked, and in the end I am okay with that.
The second one is free for you to make whatever assumptions and thoughts you want. They are all free for to do that, but the second one in particular.