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Sketchbook Revival 2020 sampling: We are on Day 5!!!
This challenge consists of 14 days with two online classes each day. The idea is to help you encourage a regular practice of your art. As an artist, you must play and practice and exercise and be challenged. You cannot produce a masterpiece every single time. They take a long time. Usually more than a day and the experimentation, the allowing your brain to just be creative is how you get to a really satisfying final piece of art. A lot of artists don’t like to show their doodlings in practice. But I think that adds to the attitude that a lot of people think that they can’t draw or paint. So, here are some of my practices and pieces that challenged me this week. Each one is done very quickly probably in less than an hour or so. Various mediums, so enjoy! The only piece I want to call to your attention is the first one of the spring house in the woods. This is a real, incredibly beautiful place in the Kettle Moraine state forest in southeast Wisconsin in the United States. Eagle, Wisconsin is about 4 miles as the crow flies from where we live. When our youngest went off to college, we moved to this area. This remains one of my favorite places here. It used to be a horse racing track with a hotel and a spring water bottling company named Minihaha Bottling developed over 100 years ago by Andrew Papst of the Pabst beer family from Milwaukee. He donated it to the state parks system. This is one of dozens of other ground Springs in the area. There are some other interesting spring houses but it is absolutely incredible to witness and understand that the water from this little waterfall out of the springhouse all comes from springs that bring water to the surface and enough of the volume to maintain this little spillway.
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