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#64millionartists Places and Spaces
Sunday is International women’s day and this weeks challenge made me have these thoughts and this image of my daughter and grandchildren…… Are the women that came before us forgotten ?
Are the Achievements just not written?
Statues in town missing!
Were they just not rich enough to be worth the ink ?
Did they have to hide their glory or were they were too busy doing good?
I’m Trawling through archives , looking in towns for sculptures to find them and all I see is men?
Why didn’t they shout about it ?
Can we learn from them ?
Make sure we leave a trail for girls to see it’s possible ….. We must reclaim the Sheros!
We must shout loud and proud !
We need to show young girls game-changing females that UK strength is built upon.
Women have always been 50% of the population but only occupy around 0.5% of recorded history!
It’s time to change the narrative
Let’s start raising voices, let’s stop apologising.
Let’s recognise all sisters achievements.
Let reclaim the women that have gone before us
They are not footnotes! Let’s stomp into the future.
Own our talents, shout their importance, be confident in our ability, leave a treasure chest of awesomeness for the next generations …#internationalwomensday #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womenwholift