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Weekly Challenge time!

Canoe Lake Leisure is a community based tennis organisation in Southsea. They are about to start redecorating their cafe area, and are looking for fun ideas for a ceiling art installation. They are developing the site as a centre to support emerging artists and to display their artworks, and the ceiling art installation in the café is a key step in this plan.

They are inviting proposals for a visually striking ceiling art installation in their café – and you can find all the details at! The competition is open to anybody and everybody. Let us know if you choose to apply!

This week’s challenge, inspired by their exciting plans – is to have a go at designing an installation or sculpture for a public space.You might choose somewhere in your local area – your high street, library, school – or you might choose somewhere that you’ve never been before. Your design could be anything as big as ‘Hope’, the blue whale at the Natural History Museum, or as small as a balloon model of a dog! Where would you put your installation? What is it made of? What does it make people think about, or feel?
You could sketch your design, make a mini model using the things around you, or describe it with words and photographs.
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