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✨… a bit late to the @64millionartists weekly challenge, but i knew this week was going to be a long one & i had to keep reminding myself that i was good enough & worthy enough of the incredibly important role i have ‍ & to be able to do the things i do in my daily life (have my own home, cook wholesome food, gym, craft, wear what i like etc. ), so my goal/mantra this week was ‘you are enough’ ☀️, you are enough to make this week happen, you are enough to be able do the things you need & want to do for your own mental health, you are enough to have an opinion, you are enough to support children in being successful in their learning & making school an enjoyable, exciting & engaging place for them to be , you are enough to make parents see that their children are being taken care of & that you have their well-being (most importantly their self-esteem) & their own individual progress at the heart of your teaching – the power is with you believing in yourself … & i received the warmest compliments & smiles during parent meets this week from both parents & colleagues which helped enormously with me believing in myself… then yesterday afternoon during wet break, the numerous pictures my little lovelies made when i was beginning to feel like half the human i was at the beginning of the week, really helped me believe even more that i AM enough, & that i needn’t compare myself to others or criticise myself so much … i spent yesterday eve, despite it being a Friday, marking through books & putting up displays feeling such a sense of pride of both myself & my class ☺️… so to anyone else out there that is finding it difficult to see it right now, remember, YOU ARE ENOUGH – you have always been enough! #64millionartists #challenge #goals #positivethoughts #selfcare #loveyourself #youareenough #mantra #february #teacherlife #schoollife #backtoschool #springterm2 #springiscoming #leapyear #mentalhealth #wellbeing #happiness #friends #dowhatmakesyouhappy #artsandscrafts #reflecting #itsthelittlethings #itstheweekend #happyheart #sunshine #safe #supported