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… so this week’s @64millionartists challenge was all about ‘mind over matter’ – to choose an object/s that could open a conversation about mental health ☀️… more than ever, being aware of your own & other people’s mental health is incredibly important, as it always should have been … for me, my mind can sometimes spiral out of control, especially if i’ve been on my own for too long … it feels like the walls are closing in & any negative thought or item on my list of endless things to do swarm my brain until it feels like it could burst, & when i do get to that point, i either procrastinate & leave things to stack on top of each other, or cry an awful lot ‍♀️… this has been apparent more so now that i’m living alone for the first time, so it’s even more important that i’m aware of it & i actually think it’s a blessing that i have become more aware of my own thoughts & behaviour because it means i can do something about it … the things that i do to help my mind settle are either talk to someone close about my worries so i can break them down, take myself out for coffee & begin acting on my list of things to do ☕️, put pen to paper , go for a stroll , mooch around a cute town/city (like today ☺️), listen to music or a podcast , or craft … this morn (which has been one of many this half term) i felt incredibly alone & felt like everything was closing in on me – it was at that point that i put some music on, got myself together, & went for a drive to one of my fave places to wander around the charity shops ♻️… it felt so lovely to be outside & to meet lots of friendly humans as i handed over items i no longer needed, & bought these frames to work with & gift as part of a new venture for me (which i’ve finally been brave enough to do & started planning whilst treating myself to my standard hazelnut americano) ✨… mental health is different for everyone, & being different is what makes each & everyone of us special human-beings with a purpose for being on this planet – remember that … #mentalhealth #wellbeing #64millionartists #dowhatmakesyouhappy #bekind #charityshopping #sustainability #upcycling #reuse #positivethoughts