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This week’s challenge is set by Gordon Baxter. Gordon has taken inspiration from Chiarra Luzzana’s “The Sound of City” project (google it! It’s super cool! ), and challenges you to capture the sounds of the place where you live.
What story do they tell?

Close your eyes and just listen for a few moments…

Can you capture the sounds around you without using images? You might choose to write a short poem or story that describes the sounds, or spend a couple of minutes recording the sounds using a voice recorder, or by taking a video on your phone (and blocking out the camera.) Could you use the sounds of this place to create some music? You might choose to use your recordings in a musical composition – or use the place as your percussion!
If you are deaf or hearing impaired, could you choose a different sense to capture the personality of your chosen place? What does it smell like? What are the tastes, sights or textures around you?

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