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Let’s talk about the C word …

Even the word itself brings a spike of hatred loathing and fear through me, but, if Harry Potter taught me anything at all, it’s to not give power to names and words “Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.” (Thanks Dumbledore)
So, let’s talk about it … Today is #WorldCancerDay
My dad died from cancer in September last year ( that’s a strange and surreal sentence to write) he was a huge mogwai supporter from the beginning (and △⃒⃘lways my biggest fan), he liked all of our mogwai posts and shared the ones he really liked on his Facebook account… so, this ones for him!
World cancer day Is about cancer awareness, detection and prevention.
Unfortunately, cancer invades most of our lives in one way or another, and we all have our stories, memories, battles and victories … today is about talking about them and about spreading the word.
As a digital design company we struggled with what we could do today (and we wanted to do something), We decided that what we can do is show solidarity, we can talk about it on our social media, use the hashtags that are being pushed today to get them trending even higher, and take the time to once again give a huge amount of credit and thanks to the awe inspiring Bracken Trust and the amazing world they do “empowering people to live with, through and beyond cancer.” To all of you fighting, you’re warriors

To those supporting, you’re stronger than you think.
To those that have made it to a cancer free diagnosis, my heart bursts with how happy I am for you.
And to anyone whose lost someone via this horrible illness, I have just seen this quote and I thought it was beautiful “cancer can’t survive death, but love can”
Sam x
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