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Your Turn

New Challenge.

This is what I’ve challenged myself with, hope others feel they can do this too.

Keep going, push your boundaries, do new things, do things you haven’t done before. it doesn’t matter if they don’t work out, it’s all good.

Dip back in to the January challenges, repeat them and build on them. Learn, and expand your skill set.

Remember to enjoy the process and not to worry about the result, experiment!

I’ve been working on the things I did for Nature’s stamp. Day 25. I wondered what I’d find if I left paper outside to collect nature in the rain and wind. I thought I’d put leaves onto it and see what happened in the rain. I got muddy footprints from a fox that comes and eats the cat food that I put outside for my cat and which sometimes gets eaten by hedgehogs, but so far no great masterpiece!