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##64MillionArtists. #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists
It’s not long now until #TheJanuaryChallenge finale. Let’s rewind!
Today we want you to look back at the month of challenges so far, and choose the one that you want to have a go at today. You could repeat one that you really enjoyed, or would like to do differently.
Day 29- STONE THE CROWS!! Stone the crows! informal an exclamation of amazement, disbelief, or disgust. In Britain the phrase was popularized in the 1950s and 1960s by the radio and television comedian Tony Hancock (1924–68), especially in its shortened form stone me!

Quite fitting as I was shocked that the 64 million artist had writers block (William Shakespeare who first coined the term “writer’s block” in a letter to a friend in 1598: “Alas, a dry spell has descended upon me … my mind has seized, my pen has frozen, I feel vanquished by the cruel notion that I may never write another line of verse again…if there is such a vile …) 64 million artist is obviously having a creative block today and ran out of ideas , a period of time when an artist cannot access their creativity and/or they cannot bring themselves to create a new piece of work. They feel like they have run out of things to draw.