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A picture paints a thousand *tut tuts*… Posted @withregram • @mike_ashton #TheJanuaryChallenge
Day 28: Story Hunter
There are over 7 billion people in the world, and all of those people are full of stories. Today’s challenge is to find just one of those stories, and listen. Ask someone for a story they are happy to share. It could be a story from school, one about a pet, a holiday mishap, a lucky escape, or the story of their day so far. Stories come in many shapes and sizes – and can be found in all sorts of places!
Top news of the day so far: I went to the shop for some milk. I only had a £10 note and the cashier scowled at me because she had run out of pound coins. She told me that she would have to go and get some out of an adjacent till. It seemed like a big deal for her to do this and she rolled her eyes at me meaningfully. As she turned away, I tutted and the person behind me in the queue tutted in unison. We made eye contact and there was an Understanding.

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