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Poem: Your Superpower to save the planet… I give you – thanks to my ‘how to draw in 6 steps’ book – The superhero we all need. Inspired by that quote from scientists about climate change – something like “we know the science but you’ve got to do the changing behaviour thing, us scientists can’t do that”
The video went off piste as it was going over a minute!

As per
Here he is
Well dressed
Ready to tell us how it is
Answer the wrong question
Ignore the blindingly obvious
In favour of dressed – up arse.

But wait! What’s that up there?
Is it a bird? A plane?

No! It’s Nuance Nanette!

Neutralizing Negative Narratives! KAPOW!

Dodgy headline? Suspect stat?

Poof! Gone.
“THEY’RE taking our jobs!“ ZAP replaced with a handy info graphic of the economic benefits of migration!

News ignoring climate change? POW
in she comes with a hammer blow of facts – where its already happening AND what that well dressed man could do about it.

Thank you Nuance Nanette!
As she flies off – carbon neutral – into the sunset saving us all with

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