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#64millionartists The January Challengers Day 22: Shaded Path. Go for a short walk, imaginary or otherwise, and notice objects of a recurring colour on your way.

On my way to the dentist this afternoon I looked for inspiration in my surroundings. A burst water main, litter, dog poo and a discarded hub cap didn’t do much to motivate me , and I was quite disappointed in the state of my neighbourhood. I much prefer the leafy peace of the woodlands of the Haugh, much missed since the dug died. Then it occurred to me, the decor of my home, with all the natural wood and warm earthy tones, makes me feel relaxed and content in a similar way to walking in the woods. So I went for a walk around the house, noticing how all my wee bits and pieces fit together and make me happy And my copy of Forest Folk Tales for Children, coincidentally sitting on the dining table, is just the finishing touch