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#64millionartists The January Challengers Day 21: Your Song. Imagine you’re the greatest song writer in the world and you’ve just written your next best seller. Write the first line of a verse or chorus, and dedicate it to someone.
Well, it just so happens that I actually have just written a song ☺️(smug emoji). The soundset I’m currently doing in my storytelling sessions (in a tenuous nod to Burns Night this Saturday) is The Tale of Tam Linn. Tam was captured by faeries many years ago in the Borders woodlands of Carterhaugh Forest, and was helped to escape the Faery Queen’s clutches by the stubborn and determined Janet. The groups that I work with are often non-verbal, so songs need to include simple repetitive sounds and percussion. So the first line of the verse is ‘Oh Tam Linn, where did you go?’ and the first chorus is the spectacularly meaningful ‘La la la, la la la la.’ See? Definite winner. Dedicated to all the participants (particularly the staff and carers) who have to sing along at my insistence