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Sorry, utterly failing this challenge, but I hope some of you have been keeping at it.
Things have been busy and exhausting #spoonielife
The January Challenge 2020, Day 20 – Ta-Da List

Today’s challenge is set by Lucy, 26 from Nottingham.

To do lists are great – you need to remember what there is to do…but do you ever make a list of things you’re happy you’ve already done? It’s time to make a Ta-da List!

Make a list of some things you’ve already done that you’re proud of. Have you made time to see someone you care about? Put it on the Ta-da List. Have you finished an important project? Ta-da! Put it down before you forget! You could decorate your list to celebrate your achievements – no matter how big or small they might be.

Here is Lucy’s example. Spend ten minutes today writing down some things that you’re proud to have achieved!
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