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Day 12 of the 64 Million Artists January Challenge = “Positive Shelf Image”
Sitting in the lounge, it occurred to me that the view of this shelf represents a lot of what I want to achieve this year. For a start, the shelves themselves need painting/holes filling… once I choose a colour (it’s only been 4 years since they were built… ) and the lamp needs a shade (a crafting work in progress). Carbon Monoxide Alarm = get the boiler serviced and chimneys swept. Photos = spending more time together as a family… which so easily can dwindle when your children become young adults and are less enthusiastic about your choices of activity! Vintage bird playing cards = play more games! Butterfly = plant more bee & butterfly friendly plants and get outside more. Tins = start my vintage & antique business, starting with the sale of a HUGE collection of vintage tins. The reflection of my butt in the mirror, whilst I sat on the sofa to take the picture = reduce its size!! ‍♀️ ‍♀️ ️‍♀️ And lastly, the heart = to love myself a bit more this year ❤
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