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The January Challenge 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣
“Positive Shelf-Image”
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Day 12
Filling a ‘shelf’ with 12 things.
On my shelf I put meaningful objects on display.
Each thing shows an experience that I would like to have this year. – The create your own jewellery book represents my return journey into jewellery making
– The purple gemstone beads, I will make more bespoke gemstone jewellery this year
-The reel of copper wire, I will be using this copper wire to create some unusual and unique pieces of jewellery – The steel block, I will use this block with my hammer to create texture in different types of metal
– The round nose pliers, I will use this tool to help form and shape my jewellery – The space clearing book inspired me to free up space in my home allowing creative energies to flow freely – The healing and the Mind book, I will read this book to gain further understanding of different techniques to heal the mind – Hand made gifts book, I will utilize the ideas in this book to broaden my knowledge and to create more unique gifts to sell at craft fairs – Guide to Gems, this is my favourite book and was the book that inspired my love for making gemstone and I’m teaching my children about gemstones and their healing properties – Collection of crystals that I use on my altar as part of my spiritual journey and meditation – The candles, this year I will continue to light candle as part of my energy clearing ritual – The Goddess statue, she represents the feminine energy and my passion for mother nature
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