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#64millionartists #thejanuarychallenge “Open a door and create something based on what you find on the other side.” I have anxiety

People, conversations, just thinking about thinking what to say or do can be overwhelming

I have good days

Days that I enjoy peopling (in small doses)

Days that are full of adventure on beautiful Moreton Bay and her Islands
Birds, so many birds
Fish, crustaceans, cephalopods
Turtles, Dugongs, Dolphins and the majestic Humpback Whales

I have days when getting out of bed is a battle within my head

Often my computer is the door to the outside world

To friends in far away lands

To stories, characters and adventure with my dear Husband in the many worlds of online games

To create paintings I can erase shaky lines at a key press and quell those anxious thoughts of perfectionism
My Whale painting process will be in my next post
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